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In March of 2017, our long time Free email provider made a decision to abandon offering Free Mail services. This decision was apparently made due to spammers abusing’s servers. We were told that none of accounts were identified as abusers, but rather a global issue with spammers being able to sign up for a free accounts, spam the world and then move onto another Free account.

Although we here at understand’s issue, we are keenly disappointed at the termination of Free services by The company did offer a paid service but the economics for didn’t make any sense given the hundreds of accounts we use internally. We also investigated our population’s use of our Free Email services and determined that in actuality, there were almost no “active” users outside of our own internal population. Upon determining that little to no effect would be had by closing the services, we moved to set up our own email service.

But we do think that there may be some of you out there that loved your email address. Therefore if you would like to open a new account, or re-establish your old email account we can do that on a case by case basis. At the current time we have not determined whether we would charge an annual fee. If no one inquires, then that is a decision which we do not have to make.

Should you like to open an, please send us an email at admin [at] pssst dot com.

We are sorry for any horrors this has caused but under the circumstances, almost 20 years later, this is a very little bump in the road.

Thanks for all your consideration in this matter.

Eric Bickmann