Pssst…. Mona's Rave of "Through the Silent Caldera"

Sometimes you just want to Pssst your raves!

Karen Fleming remembers how after she had first wrote her first book she would read it over and over again making sure every word was spelled correctly and there were no grammatical errors. She reflects how she read the book over a hundred times or more between editing and reclaiming her book from Publish America. This book was the beginning of her life's work that she just refused to give up on it. She retells how she was spellbound that she had written poetry she was actually proud of and had no doubt it was publishable.

Karen’s good friend Mona recently had left her an absolutely wonderful review that she wasn't expecting.

“Karen, your gift as a poet takes to the sky as an angel. Your brilliance´╗┐ shines from every line of this book. Like all those fleeting moments of our lives - beautiful, joyful, and those filled with sorrow. You capture them all and bring the magic to life in an incomparably creative way. Through the Silent Caldera truly is a masterpiece - but more than anything else, it is the very essence of life. We love you!" Mona

There are days when I have received such beautifully written comments that … it reaffirms my belief that all the exhausting and grueling hours I spent perfecting this book was well worth my efforts.

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Pssst…. Unpubublished Writers There's Hope

Jeannie Moon writes about herself that "writing is a natural extension of who I am and I use all my experiences and my love of sports for inspiration. I find characters in schools, hospitals, shops, construction sites, courtrooms, patrol cars, farms, and libraries; some come to life on imaginary playing fields and in ice rinks. Eventually, everything ties together. Everything becomes about people taking a risk to be happy.  In the end, my books are about finding that special place to call home, finding comfort, and from those things, finding love. I truly believe that’s all most of us want."

But only now has she written a "Pssst Post". Otherwise we'd not have found her.


And what's her Pssst? Its that she's going to be a published author. What’s strange is that nothing went the way it was supposed to.  Apparently she's written several books, but goes it alone without a book deal. What went different this time is that the one that landed her fame and fortune with a three book deal with Penguin’s digital-first line, Intermix, is that the book hadn't been written. Not a single word.

She sold on proposal. And so this great news has an underlining story for all those unpublished writers out there…

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Pssst… Here’s where you should be recruiting top talent!

Nick Corcodilos is the host of Ask The Headhunter® and author of How to Work with Headhunters (2009) and How Can I Change Careers? (2009).

In this Pssst… Nick outlines his expectations of how the job market will level the field for great talent as the economy is destined to recover.

"During a bust, revenues and profits crash. Business tanks, and companies lay off workers because they can’t afford them. As the cycle turns and we start toward a boom (or think we are, anyway), sales take off, revenues spike, and profits surge."

"If you want to recruit top talent — dedicated workers who are ready to move — you need look no farther than the most profitable companies that haven’t been hiring. They may be advertising jobs, but…., they’re just pretending. They’re not hiring at levels significant enough to sacrifice their artificial profits. Their best employees are ripe for the picking."

Have faith… you're worth more than what they're paying you… Read this!

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Pssst…. mid2mod - a blog for retrophiles

Mid2Mod is located in Deep Ellum, Texas. They have certainly earned a name for carrying quality vintage modern furniture. From what we see on their website, they carry some very trendy stuff.

Visit Dana's Mid2Mod blog for information about mid-century design, as well as the latest buzz about what we've found for the shop. We've created a link to a running list of her "Pssst Posts". You'll see that Dana is a serial Pssst Poster!

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Pssst…. The top 25 films that blew my mind (Hamish Downie)

Hamish Downie is a Tokyo-Based Australian writer/producer, whose work includes the music video for Robyn Loau’s comeback single “Never Let You Down”, and the horror fan-film “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart”. He's currently working on a WW2 short and feature film.

He proclaims to be "still very new to blogging, and largely do it for the fun of it." His blogging plan is to highlight forgotten classics and short films by great up-and-coming filmmakers and welcomes you to submit your short film for review.

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